Crazy Tube Circuits Vyagra Boost MKII White

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After playing this pedal, we came to one conclusion: this boost pedal is a MUST! Not only does it offer plenty of clean headroom, but the pedal also boasts a frequency knob so that you can taylor your boost to ramp up or cut specific frequencies. We are thrilled to have a full stock of Crazy Tube Circuits pedals; these effects are next-level, with on-board features that are intuitive and immensely useful in a live or studio setting.

"Vyagra Boost Mk2 is the ultimate gadget for every stringed instrument. You can use it as a high quality buffer or up to 25 db of clean boost. With the independent parametriq eq section ( +/- 15db @ 120 – 1200Hz ) you can change the voicing of your favorite guitar, pedal or amp or you can use it as an auto-wah or wah-wah pedal (with an expression pedal)."


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