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Crazy Tube Circuits Stoned Hz

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    The pinnacle of tone shaping. 4 modulation effects packed into a compact stomp box, and they all sound amazing! With a high degree of tweakability, the Stone Hz is perfect for the pedal expert as well as those of us who simply set it and forget it. Stackable, ultra dynamic, and preserves the natural sound of your instrument. You've got to check out Crazy Tube Circuits!

    "Tap tempo controlled Flanger, Chorus or Vibrato and optical tremolo combined to give from classic sounds to stoned madness"


    Volume: master volume of the pedal
    Mod Depth: controls the depth of phase/pitch modulation
    Clock: choose between a slight phase, flanger, chorus or vibrato
    Feedback: Sets the feedback of modulated signal. If you max out feedback control (with "clock" on higher settings) the pedal will go into oscillation.
    Speed: set the speed of the LFO controlling the modulated (wet) signal. From 0.05 Hz (min) to 13Hz (max).
    Wave Distortion(W.D.): StonedHz was designed with a slightly asymmetrical LFO in order to give smooth 3D modulation. With W.D. you can alter the wave of the LFO to smooth it out more or five sawtooth like waveforms.
    Trem Depth: controls the depth of optical tremolo effect.
    Waveform toggle switch: choose between a square/triangle/sine wabe (with W.D. set in the middle)
    Trem LFO phase switch: choose the phase of the LFO of the of the optical tremolo compared to the LFO of phase/modulation. YOu can use this switch to achieve a leslie type of effect
    Expression pedal (Xp): connect a linear taper expression pedal up to 50k to control the speed of the LFO. Use the speed knob to set minimum and maximum rate of the expression pedal
    Tap Tempo footswitch: tap two times to five desired LFO speed
    Bypass footswitch: true bypass your effect.
    9V-12V DC

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