Crazy Tube Circuits Stoned Hz v2 Tremolo / Ring Modulator

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Enter the StonedHz v2, a micro modulation factory featuring an all analog signal path controlled via a microcontroller for extreme possibilities. A MN3207 BBD chip along with an opto-isolator and a vast array of controls offer a massive amount of modulation manipulation.

Inspired from the synth world we gave you total control over the 3 basic waveforms of the LFO (square, triangle and sine) with the ability to distort them. Moreover you can use amplitude modulation (tremolo) along with phase/pitch modulation or independently.

In the second edition of the pedal we have added a ring modulator effect plus 4 CV inputs / outputs that will make the pedal compatible to most synthesizers / sequencers or drum machines out there.

From classic sounds of flanger, chorus, vibrato, tremolo and leslie type effect to anything in between that will make you trip out.


CV inputs / outputs
Vol , Mod, Depth, Feedback, Trem Depth / Speed Controls
Tap Tempo
9V (Adapter Not Included

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