Crazy Tube Circuits Splash MKII Reverb

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Sometimes all you need for that spark of creativity is an addition to your signal chain. With the tone and versatility of the Splash, that's exactly what happened when we plugged it in. A lush reverb sound can be a huge part of your signature tone, and with this pedal you've got a wide range of options to shape your own, unique sound. Additionally, we love how these pedals maintain the true tone of your instrument, without unnecessarily coloring the signal that's being fed into it.

"A versatile studio quality reverb in a small pedal format, utilizing our proven technique of paralleling analog with digital to get best of both worlds.
Two different reverb algorithms plus controls for decay, excite, mix can give bathroom, room, hall, cathedral and ambient sounds or anything in between. But there is more than that.

A kill dry switch located in the push-pull mix knob. Max out decay, excite, and mix and you are in “space mode”. Ambient psychedelic sounds at your feet."


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