Crazy Tube Circuits Pin Up Fuzz Black

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We absolutely love what Crazy Tube Circuits have done here - a new take on a traditional platform. But this isn't your ordinary fuzz, with added on-board modulation, you'll have the ability to tailor your tone to your own unique needs. Perfect for a thick, gritty chug as well as searing hot lead lines that cut through the mix.

"A fuzz can be raw or smooth, raspy and spitty or clean… or it can be Pin Up. The gain range starts from overdrive to become a high gain fuzz, nasty or smooth depending on where you set the two interactive tone controls.

The frequency response of this MOSFET fuzz machine has been carefully selected to fulfill your rhythm and soloing needs. Note definition is excellent, and yet it still retains that distortion box like articulation. Turn on the upper octave/ring mod for a percussive fuzz effect with aggressive-but-smooth pick attack and loads of sustain."


Gain / Voicing / Tone / Volume Controls
True Bypass
Octave Switch
Octave Mode Volume Trim
Input Gain Trim
Octave Balance / Octave Volume Trim
9V-12V DC

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