CAST Engineering Texas Flood Black / Purple Sparkle

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We were blown away by the warm, usable spectrum of sound available on this pedal. Shape your sound with the tone knob and remain confident that your overdrive will never become harsh or "ratty." The Texas Flood sounds fantastic regardless of how you set it - full drive, low saturation, or to simply push the front end of your amp.

"The Texas Flood Overdrive pedal started with the exact "T Screamer" circuit Cesar Diaz built for Stevie Ray Vaughan. We went in and brought the bass back into balance so there is no typical low end loss. We also brought a bit more transparency and clarity to the circuit, and offered more available gain all the while maintaining the slightly-darker but focused and present tone. Don't let the name fool you, the Texas Flood will most definitely nail that SRV tone, but is capable of so much more. It can be a beautiful clean boost, a sweet low gain growl to your base tone, a pedal that will send your amp into some serious gain territory with style, adding sustain and musical bliss to your sound!"

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