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Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh Supreme Fuzz

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    Same amazing foundation as the standard Pharaoh - articulate, dynamic, and uber responsive, but with a host of added features. This will be THE last fuzz you'll ever need! Ultimate tone shaping tools in addition to one of the best fuzz tones we've ever heard.

    From Black Arts:
    The Supreme has all of the sounds and abilities of the Standard and Primitive Pharaohs, but with some very useful additions and a bit of a twist.
    In place of the hi/lo switch,the Supreme utilizes a variable pre input control to infinitely adjust the saturation of the front end of the circuit from 1 to 10. In Place of the 3 way diode selector, the Supreme utilizes a 6 way rotary switch to select from the Standard Pharaoh diode settings, plus an additional 3 setting not available on the previous Pharaohs. The Pharaoh supreme allows selection from the following diode settings: Germanium, Asymmetrical Germanium(standard Pharaoh), Silicon (standard Pharaoh), Mosfet,LED and Bypass (standard Pharaoh).


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