Black Arts Toneworks Fnord

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Make it sing, or make it buzz like a chainsaw - the Black Arts Fnord gives you a broad tonal palate, and it all sounds delicious! For that iconic octave-fuzz Hendrix lead tone, this pedal is the ticket. We love the Black Arts effects and not only for the killer looks and huge tone, but also the incredible dynamic range of each and every pedal. Dial it in heavy, and roll back the volume on your guitar to get a sweet, mellow drive, preserving all of the subtle characteristics of the instrument.

"The Fnord is a octaver / fuzz type circuit with some twists. It blends a scrambler / octaver type fuzz with a more traditional fuzz / distortion. From zipper/Velcro tones to a full throated distortion, or a combination of the two. Add a sizzle to your leads, make a rhythm sound that harkens back to the days of screwdriver modified speakers, or a tight lightly gated distortion. If you can’t read between the lines, Fnord!"

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