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Cornford Hellcat Combo 2 x 12 / 35 Watts

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    We were lucky enough to stumble upon one of these rare gems! The tone on these hand built English amps is insane! With high and low gain channels, you can get anything from metal to classic rock to jazz out of this bad boy!


    From Cornford:

    The idea behind the “Hellcat” was to push the boundaries of boutique amp making to their very limits, taking it to, where no boutique amp has been before.

    Channel 2 takes you to every point on the vintage amp scale with just the turn of the gain control where as channel 1 takes you to a place that no boutique amp has ever dared visit.

    A boutique amp that does metal?? And all points in between and it does it all in that very special Cornford way. None more brown and most definitely the tone by which all others must be judged.



    4 EL84 / 5 12AX7
    35 Watts
    Hi / Lo Inputs
    2 Channels-Modern / Vintage
    Bass / Mid / Treble EQ
    Effects Loop
    Footswitchable Channel / Reverb
    Original Footswitch

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