Friedman Brown Eye 100 Watt Head

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Pure Brit Rock crunch tones all the way home! That said, this amp excels at so many things. The cleans are a tremendous platform to shape your tone, with what seems like limitless headroom. The overdrive channels hardly need an introduction - it's the equivalent of a Plexi stack combined with a cranked AC30! Furthermore, when you turn down the master, you've still got that same responsive, super-dynamic drive that stays punchy and articulate at low volumes. It *never* gets mushy nor does it sound like digital clipping.

"The Friedman BE100 is a hand-wired, 100-watt, EL34 powered, multi-channel British-style amp. By merely adjusting the gain and master volume controls, the BE100 can produce a variety of tones, seamlessly transitioning from blues to classic rock or hard rock to metal. To say it is British-styled is just the start of describing this inspiring tone machine."

Power: 100W (tube)
Three channels
Hand-wired in the USA
4 x EL-34 power tubes
4 x 12AX7 preamp tubes
Master volume and gain controls
Full EQ consisting of bass, middle, treble and presence (BE, HBE channel)
Clean channel featuring volume, treble, bass and 3-way bright switch
SAT, FAT, C45 and Voice switches create a multitude of unique textures
Line out with level control
Ultra transparent series FX loop
4, 8 and 16 ohm Impedance Selector Switch
Custom USA made transformers
Two- button footswitch with LEDs included
Made in the U.S.A.

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